howto: running the wifi and power at medium sized tech events

November 07, 2011 at 01:32 PM | Events | View Comments

Because I've done it a few times now and picked up a few tricks, I thought I would write a checklist for anyone who needs (or wants) to run the wifi and power at a medium sized (10 - 100 people) tech event.

I hope that this checklist will be a useful for events like Software Carpentry or Ladies Learning Code, as it will give someone with some networking knowledge [0] the nuts-and-bolts they need to setup and run a great (or at least functional) network.

I've published this document as a Gist on GitHub to make updates easy.

The document: Wifi and power for medium sized tech events:

[0]anyone who knows the function of DHCP and the meaning of "default gateway" should be fine.
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