PyCon 2011 Recommended Watching

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Like always, the best parts of PyCon 2011 happened outside of scheduled talks (one particular highlight was a long conversation with Tavis Rudd, author of the Cheeta template engine, about why HTML templates are bad)… But since those parts weren't recorded, I can't very well recommend watching them. The talks were recorded, though, and here are the ones I'd recommend watching.

(NB: this is not a complete list of good talks, just the ones I found/will find interesting. Check the PyCon 2011 schedule for a complete list of talks, then search Google for {talk title} to find the videos.)

Talks I Attended

Ordered roughly by how much I enjoyed them.

Talks I want to watch

In alphabetical order.

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Python quickie: using `itertools.product` to generate binary strings

March 18, 2011 at 04:08 PM | Python | View Comments

Problem: you need to enumerate the binary strings between 000 and 111 (ie, 000, 001, 010, …).

Solution: itertools.product:

>>> from itertools import product
>>> for bits in product([0, 1], repeat=3):
...     print "".join(str(bit) for bit in bits)

For more like this, check out Raymond Hettinger's (really good) talk Fun with Python's Newer Tools, from PyCon 2011.

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Comment Notifications

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It appears that, at some point, I stopped getting notifications of new comments… I've sorted that out now, though, and please forgive me for my tardiness in replying to old comments.

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