Why I Don't Like git

August 27, 2008 at 09:59 AM | Version control | View Comments

I've got some code checked out with git-svn, and I'd like to do two things: pull in new revisions and push up my local revisions. Pretty simple, brainless, thing, right? But we're dealing with git, so of course not :-)

# Fortunately I'm smart enough to remember that when you
# want to push changes to SVN, you've obviously got to use: 
$ git-svn dcommit
# Hurra! It worked! (at least I think...)
# Now for the next feat, pulling in more revisions...
$ git svn
  fetch            Download new revisions from SVN
# Phew! That looks like exactly what I need... Maybe it's not so tricky after all!
$ git svn fetch
        A       basie/a3c/admin.py
r13 = 45f5309121a77f33f8bd87009671727c0e2dc4a5 (zuze)
# Sweet! Now I can take a look at what has been changed
$ cat basie/a3c/admin.py
cat: basie/a3c/admin.py: No such file or directory
# Hu? I thought I just fetched it...
# Crap, right! I'm NOT supposed to use fetch, I'm supposed to use 'rebase'
# (not, of course, that I understand why "pulling in new revisions from SVN
#  is equivilent to a mung-your-history-rebase... But that's ok, I guess)
$ git svn rebase
$ cat basie/a3c/admin.py
cat: basie/a3c/admin.py: No such file or directory
# Blast.  That didn't work either.
# Right, that's because 'fetch' updates the git repository but not the
# working tree... Alright, let's try an update
$ git up
git: 'up' is not a git-command. See 'git --help'.
# Crap, right, git is too cool to have 'update'... I think I need reset
$ git reset
docs/cmdline.wiki: needs update
# hhmm... Why is it telling me that the files I edited need update?
# And how on earth do I update them?
# I give up :-( Can someone smarter than I am tell me what to do?

I guess I'll go back to Bazaar... It may be slow as molasses on a cold day, but at least it is simple enough that mere mortals can use it without resorting to Google.

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